SHS game

Session Two

Without anything else to do (apart from yell at Naturwissenschaften for blowing up the world, and they did plenty of that as well), the party set out towards the tower. The tower was an unremarkable building with a single wooden door leading in. The only interesting aspect were the red faces painted all around the base of the tower.

After pushing Naturwissenschaften through the door first, the group discovered a basic room with eight beds, a table and food.

A staircase went around the room and headed upwards, which Jill decided to explore while the rest took a short rest. The next floor held some extremely old weapons, and a door that seemed to glow from the outside. When Jill looked through the door, she saw what looked like the place Naturwissenschaften had just destroyed, although the city was missing and there were some extremely old fashioned looking people there.

By this time everyone else had finished their rests, and went up to join Jill in her exploration, although they did move a bed in front of the door to stop anyone else from coming in. They also locked the door to prevent anyone else from coming through. They continued up to the third floor, which had a typical feel for fantasy-era type civilization, such as the place they had just left. A space where a door should have been was located on this floor, although there was a large ‘X’ through it.

The fourth floor was decorated in a modern style, with a sturdy looking safe hidden behind a landscape painting. Jill managed to completely bypass the combination lock and the keyhole by blasting it with acid, although only after Naturwissenschaften had tried to tear it off the walls with his claws, thus ruining his manicure. Inside the safe (which was much larger on the inside than the outside) some items were found, as well as another face. This time, it was recognized as being the crest of the royal family of Eradis, and also as being arranged in a warding pattern. It also had some sort of connection to religion, but no one was able to make it. There was another not-door there.

On the fifth floor, even the walls of the tower were different, seemingly made out of a strange, smooth material that glowed slightly, although it was opaque. Like on the previous two floors, there was a not-door.

On the sixth and final floor, the tower seemed to have begun to crumble apart, with holes showing in the walls through which the desert outside could be seen. There was another not-door on this floor.

They went back down to the second floor, where they experimented with sending three people outside while three people remained inside. Although the door did seem to disappear as soon as it was closed, it also reappeared when Jill stepped into one of the mysterious faces which was found on the ground. The rest joined them outside, and as soon as they had done so, something crashed into Princess Grandpa.



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