SHS game

Session One

The Kingdom of Eradis has fallen on hard times in the past few generations, and the only nice place left in the kindom is the city of Mer, next to the Northern Sea. This is the general area that the group comes from, and all of them have on this particular day travelled to meet the traveling merchants that have set up camp just outside the city boundaries.

Of course, once there, something bad happens. Princess Grandma suddenly collapses, because she feels like her stomach is on fire. As various kind hearted citizens cough cough rush to her aid, a couple of them notice something unusual.

Behind the Princess, one of the merchant tents seems to be full of rainbow, sparkly lights. Having written that down, I realize it sounds like someone made a Twilight-vampire into a tent, but I promise it doesn’t look like that at all. Anyway, the tent get brighter and brighter, and suddenly the world completely freezes, except for that tent, and the people surrounding Princess Grandma.

Out of the tent rush eight kobolds intent on killing anything that moves- which, thanks to the world stopping, is limited to six people at the moment.

A vicious fight ensues, during which a treasure chest is noticed next to the tent, Princess Grandma’s stomach stops feeling so much like it’s on fire, and much surrounding of razerclaw shifters occours.

Finally, the chest is opened, and at that moment, the entire world explodes, presumably doing some serious damage, although that is yet to be determined, as the group has been transported to a flat, featureless desert. The only thing in sight is a tower rising up in the distance.

There was some discussion about leaving the treasure chest opener chained up in the desert, as a reward for destroying the world, but that plan was apparently abandoned.



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