SHS game

Session Four

Around half a day away from Remu, Princess Lauren’s stomach caught fire again. Luckily, Basch was able to heal her, but a mysterious number five appeared in red on her left wrist. The old man of the caravan, who had previously told the group about Vecna’s temple, mentioned that some southern tribes use tatooed numbers to specify how far a member of the family is from taking control.

The group continued on to Remu, but not before Neturvischenschaften dissapeared. Also, a tiefling caravan member named Jem started to follow the group. In the city, Princess Lauren and Fnipper robbed a hobo. Then, Princess Lauren found ‘a taste of bakery’, and gained five pounds eating free samples. At the same time, a tavern owner walked up to Fnipper and gave her a tavern- the Prancing Unicorn.

Princess Lauren went with Basch to the market to find hot guys and a mace, but were attacked by a cloaked figure, who seemed to dislike the unicorn. Lose the game. After defeating him with the help of Jill and Jem, they contined to the market, then returned to the tavern. Jill was in the middle of interrogating the attacker, who revealed that he was a follower of Vecna, and that Princess Lauren was considered a savior. His name turned out to be Patrick Luvre. Fnipper’s pastries caught fire, but she saved them.

The group decided to pray to their respective gods before entering Vecna’s temple. Basch’s god seemed strangely distant, and Fnipper’s god told her that she must destroy the chest. Jill went with Princess Lauren to watch her as she prayed to Vecna. While doing so, Princess Lauren was accidentally transported to a plane full of fire.



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