SHS game

Session Five

Today’s session began with the group split up- Basch and Fnipper were at the temples of their respective god(esse)s, Jill was at the temple of Vecna, Princess was in an elemental plain of pure fire, and Jem was watching Fnipper’s tavern burn down.

At the elemental plain of fire, Princess learned that her parents had made a deal with Vecna in order to let her mother conceive. But in return, when the number on Princess’s wrist reached zero, Princess would be summoned back to Vecna to serve him for all eternity. Basch learned all this from his godess, an enemy of Vecna, what had happened to Princess, as well as a way to help her. A potion, developed 2000 years ish in the future, could sever Princess’s connection to Vecna.

Princess returned to the temple of Vecna, where she and Jill were attacked by novices of the temple. The unicorn burst in and rushed deep into the temple, where it found the chest it needed to destroy to save the world. Princess told it, “follow your heart”, and the unicorn destroyed the chest.

Princess and Jill were saved from the now angry novices by the timely arrival of Basch, who put out a torch and created a distraction to allow them to escape.

Back at the Prancing Pony, the three found Fnipper threatening Jem, because the tavern had burned down and although Jem had been trying to save people (and pick their pockets), Fnipper blamed her for the fire. The real culprits were some agents of Vecna who had seen the unicorn outside the tavern, but Fnipper didn’t care and told Jem that she wasn’t allowed to leave until Fnipper got her inn back.

Basch had gotten the ability to create portals to the tower from Avandra, so they returned to the tower. There, they found a new sock, which the unicorn approved of. Since the doors on the upper floors of the tower were open, they returned to the middle ages time. Princess’s guards took them back to the castle, where Princess confronted her parents and learned that they were either really stupid or under Vecna’s control. Jill told Princess to slap her mother, and she did.

They were all sent to Princess’s room, where she sent out royal proclamations saying that she hated her parents. They all climbed out the window and into a tree house/mansion. On the way there, Jem stole two silver candlesticks.

From a bishop.



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